Expunge Your Record

Put It Behind You Once and For All

veryone makes mistake. Unfortunately for some, those mistakes may include a criminal history. The good news is that there is a process to possibly seal those past mistakes and expunge your criminal history. Just like with every other process, there are requirements for expungement of criminal records.

Expungement is an attorney-driven legal process that seals arrests and criminal conviction records.
The process will vary depending on several factors such as: if it was a felony, misdemeanor or municipal conviction; the severity of the crime; if you have any other criminal history; your current status in regards to the conviction; how much time has passed since the charge/conviction; and the outcome of the case.

If you have a criminal history and you want to see if you qualify for an expungement to help clear up your past mistakes and to avoid embarrassing questions regarding your background check, call Anderson & Associates today for a free expungement consultation!