Business Law Practice Attorney in Tulsa Serving Oklahoma

Protect Your Business Interests

At Anderson & Associates, we will protect your business interests without interfering with your day-to-day workflow and activities. We will work with you in an advisory capacity to help protect your company as well as being aggressive in pursuing those that owe your company. Whether it is setting a corporation for you or litigating your claim, we will be there for you and your business.


Legal Advisor in Business Law

As your adviser; I can provide guidance in handling mergers; acquisitions; shareholder agreements; buy-sell agreements; asset purchases; leases; business formations; contract preparation, review or negotiation; or other transactions and litigation. We ensure that you have the legal resources necessary to build a thriving business.

Business Law Tulsa


Hiring a business law attorney to review your existing contracts allows you the opportunity to shift, if there could be problems looming.  We can review and amend any existing contracts.  And help you get new contracts in place as your business grows and evolves.

Your business will typically have contracts with clients, vendors or suppliers, partners and employees.  Some contracts are formally signed and some are implicit in the relationship relative to State and Federal laws.  

New businesses frequently need help with the Oklahoma Secretary of State documents, necessary to function as a registered business.  We can get those documents created, filed and assure you have the setup you need for the ‘Legal Entity” you need to have formed.


Business litigation can take a toll on your company’s resources.  Some situations can affect the overall ability to conduct day to day operations. This is why we focus on the long-term success of your business when proposing litigation strategies.  Sometimes a settlement is a long-term win.

Should you decide that litigation is your best strategy, our team will work to build your case to address the points of law for your situation and put together a strategy that communicates those points to the court and jury. 

The business world is constantly evolving.  As you grow the business sometimes contracts get missed.  We help you get the legal documents in place to protect your business and your personal assets.